About Ashfork

The community of Ash Fork started as a stage depot under a group of ash trees at the fork of Ash Creek.  Arrival of the railroad in 1882 changed the economy of the area, and mining interest in nearby Jerome resulted in a road between the two cities.  The original town burned down in 1893 and was rebuilt on the opposite side of the tracks where it presently stands.

The town offers services to both passing tourists and year-round residents alike.  Unlike other towns that “disappeared” when I-40 was opened, Ash Fork still has restaurants, motels, and other service-oriented businesses.   Located at the important junction of I-40 and State Route 89, Ash Fork is still the “Flagstone Capitol of the World” and is growing today!

The Ash Fork K-12 School System is on a 4-day week schedule,
and offers the advantages of small sized classrooms.

Ash Fork’s climate and location in beautiful Northern Arizona makes it a perfect location for retirement, semi-retirement, or working residents.  Fifty miles to the east and “up the hill” is Flagstaff, the city of seven wonders.  Seventy miles northeast is the Grand Canyon, and of course the lush Verde Valley and the old time charm of Prescott, county seat of Yavapai County, are both just 50 miles away.


For additional Ash Fork information, contact:

Office:  (928) 637-0204        Home:  (928) 637-2245
P.O. Box 494, Ash Fork, AZ 86320-0494
E-Mail:  ashfork@azcentral.com